Bottles and press-blown items

Two techniques in one: different applications require combinations of, for example, a blown hollow body with a pressed screw thread. Unlike plastic containers or traditional container and packaging glassware (e.g. bottles for the beverage industry), DWK Life Sciences products feature the following characteristics:

  • High heat resistance
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Chemical resistance to aqueous media, acid and alkaline solutions
  • Easy to clean
  • Very smooth, non-porous surfaces, that prevent the adhesion of e.g. fungi and bacteria
  • Taste- and odor-neutral

Press-blown DURAN® items are used for example as bottles for premium quality brandies, oven lights, and many more. Moreover, their excellent hygienic quality makes it suitable for use in baby feeding bottles and for sophisticated requirement of clinics and hospitals. This is also true for domestic use, where they play an important role in baby care. The bottles can be boiled and then cooled down to low temperatures immediately without having a negative effect on the glass.

There are often reports in the media that using plastic bottles can have serious health implications for our children.

As a producer of baby bottles made of glass with many years of experience, we see it as our responsibility to address the concerns of parents (-to-be) and manufacturers of branded baby products. As a safe alternative, DWK Life Sciences GmbH has supplied more than 250 million glass bottles over the decades to leading manufacturers in Europe and beyond. Quality is consistently high. There is a variety of arguments in favour of our DURAN® glass as a material for baby bottles and containers which come into contact with food. We have compared the key features of our glass bottles with those of plastic bottles below:

Glass bottles

+ High heat resistance up to 135°C
bottle can be boiled, sterilized under pressure in autoclaves (hospitals) or cleaned chemically without any harm to the glass
+ High thermal shock resistance of >95°C (95K)
It is no problem to "shock" the glass by taking it from boiling water and cool it down suddenly to 5°C or less
+ High chemical resistance
No acid, alkaline or hydrolytical substances/liquids, common in household use, may attack the surface of the glass. The same glass is used for high performance laboratory glass
+ Very hygenic, brilliant and easy-to-clean
The very smooth and non-porous surface of the glass does not allow germs, fungi and other impurities to deposit on the glass
+ Neutral in taste and odourfree
The glass does not react with the content of the bottle, no substances can get into the food. This means that after cleaning the milk will not take the taste or smell of a mint tea, etc.
- Glass is heavier than plastic and can break
It is not advisable to leave the baby/infant alone with a glass bottle
- Limited range of shapes
It is not possible to blow glass in all thinkable shapes


Plastic bottles

+ Large variety of shapes and decoration
Plastic bottles can be found in many different shapes and are easier to decorate
+ Safety and weight
A plastic bottle is light in weight and does not easily break. The mother/father can hold the bottle without getting tired
- Nursing bottle syndrom
As result of the light and "unbreakable" bottle, parents are lead to give their infants the bottle as soon as they are crying to calm them down. The infants get used to sweetened drinks, which then cause tooth problems
- Microscratches
UV-light (sunshine) and chemical cleansers can cause microscratches. The bottle is not easy to clean and therefore not hygenic (germs, fungi and other impurities may stick in the microscratches) - also risk of bad taste
- Loss of visual attraction
After several cycles in the dishwasher, the plastic gets cloudy and the bottle does not look brilliant any more
- Health risk because of Bisphenol A
Most baby bottles are made of polycarbonate which can contain bisphenol A (BPA). BPA dissoves from older bottles, especially if the bottle contains hot liquids and can influence the weak hormonal system of a baby

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DURAN® Storage Bottles

Storage Bottles

DURAN® Baby bottle wide neck with thread

Baby bottle wide neck with thread

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DURAN® Baby bottle with thread

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