Glass for waterkettles

Kettles made with DURAN® glass provide a high-quality alternative to plastic products. The arguments in their favor are proven to be very convincing to an increasing number of brand owners, who are following the trend towards premium quality kitchen appliances:

  • Innovative design option
  • Lasting brilliance of the glass surface
  • Easy to clean and descale using standard cleaning products
  • No emissions which might be harmful to health when in contact with food
  • Completely neutral in taste and smell
  • Transparency helps saving energy (boiling just as much water as needed due to visible water level)
  • Color coating and printing options available

DWK Life Sciences has developed a unique manufacturing process for these glass components that will meet the highest quality requirements. Dimensions of up to 300 mm in height and 240 mm in diameter are possible.

Dimensional precision in combination with narrow tolerances:

  • Reduction of problems during assembly
  • Product safety: automated precision fire-cutting processes prevent micro-cracks in the glass
  • Reliability: as the leading supplier of glass components for electric kettles, we offer process stability and experience

As a manufacturer of the most prominent component of glass kettles, we recommend that you contact us right from the design stage to discuss the options available. Our many years of experience, together with our extensive contacts amongst manufacturers of small household appliances and other component suppliers will contribute to the success of your project. For detailed enquiries, please contact us.

DURAN® waterkettle


DURAN® Cylindrical waterkettle glass

Cylindrical waterkettle glass

DURAN® Conical waterkettle glass

Conical waterkettle glass

DURAN® Bulbous waterkettle glass

Bulbous waterkettle glass

DURAN® Conical waterkettle glass

Conical waterkettle glass