Glass jugs for coffee machines

Whether required for private, domestic or commercial use, glass jugs are an essential part of every coffee appliance. DURAN® jugs made from borosilicate glass 3.3 are used by OEM customers as components or spare parts in both domestic or commercial, manual or electric coffee makers. And the numbers are impressive: we can look back proudly on the production of over 50 million glass jugs with glued-on handles − to pick just one particular product.

Our customers can choose from a great variety of different designs, enabling them, to differentiate their product from those of other manufacturers. Cylindrical, conical, bulbous shapes,with glued-on handles or handle-/pouring rim combinations (e.g. for commercial coffeemakers) are available. All shapes can be offered with or without print and with or without spout. A maximum of 475 mm in height and 270 mm in outer diameter can be manufactured. Generally, all jugs are designed to customer specifications.

We would be pleased to work with you, if you have plans to develop new designs. For detailed enquiries, please contact us.

DURAN® Coffee maker

Coffee maker

DURAN® Cylindrical glass carafe

Cylindrical glass carafe

DURAN® Conical glass carafe with glued handle

Conical glass carafe with glued handle

DURAN® Conical glass carafe

Conical glass carafe

DURAN® Bulbous jugBulbous glass carafe without spout

Bulbous glass carafe without spout

DURAN® Glass carafe with pouring rim / handle combination

Glass carafe with pouring rim / handle combination