Capabilites & Requirements

Here you may find helpful basic conditions for creating new product designs.

Technical parameters for the automated production process in DWK:

Product description

Geometry Height (mm) External diameter (mm) Wall (mm)
double cut items
e.g. glass kettle jugs, cylinders

(rotation symmetrical)
max. 300 max. 240 2,0
rotation-blown items
e.g. coffee pots, teapots

(rotation symmetrical)
15 - 475 25 - 270 2,0

IS items
(press blown method)
e.g. bottles, oven lights

or polygonal
40 - 260 max. 165 (body)
max. 95 (mouth)
> 2

For inquiries we request a fully dimensioned drawing.

The following file formats are required for drawings / 3-D models:

  • For drawings: DXF, DWG or PDF
  • For 3-D models: IGES or STEP

The following template is required from the customer for printing artwork:

  • A printing template created as vector graphics in ai/eps format or
  • A PDF file with editing function (vector graphics)

The following points must be observed:

  • Vector graphics are the preferred type of template
  • In the case of special font types, text should be converted into paths to prevent problems with the transfer of fonts
  • Data transfer by e-mail or as files on a data carrier (CD or DVD) to the responsible DWK Sales contact